Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) urges to honorable Prime Minister for take immediate action against recent dalit violence at Parala Rishi community of Monirampur Upazila through protest gathering by organizing human chain and they submitted memorandum to Prime minister through local administration of peoples of republic of Bangladesh govt. on 1st February 2016 at Monirampur Upazila.

On 27 January 2016, Perpetrators Mr. Ibrahim Hossain (19), Mamun, Rimon sexually harassed to Joyonti Rani Das (15) a SSC examine along with her classmates Shilpi Das, Rajia Khatun while she and those girls coming back from Satgati Amrojhuta high school to their home. Joyonti and her friends protested those teasers and at that time Ibrahim, Mamun and Rimon physically assaulted those girls. Joyonti along with her friends run away and shared with her parents. The parents informed the school authority and the Head teacher of the school called a day for resolve the incidents. As the call of school head teacher Joyonti das along with her uncle Mr. Mukunda Das was attempt to go toward that school, but suddenly those perpetrators created obstacles and again assault them as well as forced to go back to home and threatened them to don’t move any where regarding the harassment. Thereafter, they comeback to home and some villagers shared this massage with local UP member. On 30 January 2016, around 9.00 o’clock in morning attacked to the Parala rishi community with heavy weapon like rod, sticks, knifes and set fire in houses, vandalized the temple, looting, sexually harassed to dalit women and physically assaulted those rishi villagers by the lead of local Chatrolegue leader Abu Sayeed. Mukunda Das, Govinda Das, Sakali Rani Das, Nil pada Das, Joydeb Das, Adhir Das and other 15 persons were serious injured and got treatment in Monirampur Health complex. A team from Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) visited the places and reported the incident as well as strongly lobbying with law enforcing agencies, local political leaders and others for take exemplary legal action against such medieval atrocity. Then Local MP, Police Super, OC visited the places of occurrence and set temporary police camp for security of those villagers. Deputy Commissioner of Jessore Dr. Humayun Kabir announced that DC office will provide tin among victims family. Mr. Adhir Das, (rishi villagers & victims) lodged a complaint in Monirampur Police station. Police has recorded the cases around 12 o’clock of last night (31st January 2016) and arrested two perpetrators till report writing.

We would like to request to all friends to stands against dalit violence.