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On 7 November last in the village of Baka within the Paikgacha upazila
in the Khulna district, the Rishi hamlet was mercilessly attacked by the
nearby and influential Hindu inhabitants of the Gosh hamlet. The reason
behind the attack was that a certain Bolonath Gosh had forbidden the
Rishi hamlet’s youth to play football in his field close to the Rishi
hamlet. The youth however obtaining permission to play from a difference
person went on playing. At this the owner of the land Mr. Bolonath and
a number of his people attacked indiscriminately the youth and their
village, destroying houses a beating up whoever came their way. 6 Rishi
people were admitted to Paikgacha health complex. Both Parittrran and
the Bangladesh Dalit Parishad are siding with the Rishi people who, from
the 7 of November on, are living in utter fear of retaliation. A case
(no. 07, dated 08/11/2014) has been filed with he thana of Paikgacha.