Dear All,
I have great news to share with you all. We have received
a copy of a letter issued by the Prime MInister office referring to the
memorandum of the Bangladesh Harijon Oikkya Parishad and the Bangladesh
Dalit Parishad regarding the 10 points demands to establish the rights
of the Dalits community in Bangladesh.  The PM office issued the letter
to all concerned ministry to allocate 80% quota for
Harijon, Dalit community in the cleaning jobs in all Municipal Corporation/
Pouroshovas/autonomous bodies all over Bangladesh which is one of the main
of our Ten points demand. The LGRD ministry already issued a letter to all
Municipal Corporations and Pouroshavas to implement the PM order. They have
already started  contacting the leaders of BHOP & BDP in this regard.
The PM office also approved quotas for education of Dalit Children in
all education institutions and job quota for educated dalit. The letter
also mentioned special allocation for safety net programmes for the
dalit community. This is really a great achievement of our work. Credit
goes to all community led platforms for this achievement. I would like
to thank dalits based organization, Campaign partners, non partner NGOs,
Civil society organizations and donors to be an active part of the Dalit
movement in Bangladesh. This is really encouraging for all of us and I
wish all of us will take joint initiatives to implement, monitor the
government order for the betterment of the Dalit community.

Thank you

Milan Das
Executive Director