On May the 29, Polash Das (17) son of Adhir Das of Sagordari Rishi para, Kesobpur thana, in the district of Jessore, is mercilessly beaten up in his own house by a group of Muslim people lead by Abul Kalam, a businessman originally from Meherpur. Polash is suspected of having stolen the mobile-set of Abul Kalam. The suspicion arises because Polash at the time when the set disappeared happened to be at Kalam’s shop. Under the pressure of local influential men, no diary or complain was registered with the local police station. Instead, a sort of compromise was reached by involving the chairman of the Union: Abul Kalam will pay 4,500 taka (50 euro) to compensate for the expenditure occurred for Polash’s treatment!

A full report in Bengali follows.