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Assault on a Rishi village

A particular of the assault on the Rishi para of Laksanpur/Ramnathpur.

On the 18th of May, 2010, in the Rishi para of Laksanpur/Ramnathpur village, Monirampur Upazila in the district of Jessore, a religious ceremony (namjoggo) was being celebrated. The festival was joined by many Hindus of the locality together with a few Muslim neighbours. Among them about 15 picked up a quarrel with local youngsters. The quarrel arose because these Muslim men wanted to get on the mary-go-round (that for the occasion had been set up there), with Rishi women. Being refused by local Rishi youth, an altercation followed with exchange of heavy words. The Muslim men eventually left the premises but came back soon after with other people. They created havoc in the Rishi para of Laksanpur/Ramnathpur beating whoever they happen to meet, not even respecting women whose dresses got torn away. At present, Poritosh Das, Laksmi Rani Das, Bilat Das and Kushum Das are under treatment in the Monirampur Hospital. On the same evening Jibon Das, on behalf of the Rishi para, lodged an official complain with the local police station (18/112). Soon after, the police arrested one of the culprits. The villagers of Laksanpur/Ramnathpur are passing their days in fear, hoping for a just solution to the question.