Robin's dead body, and the desperation of his wife just minutes before being laid to rest

Robin Das had been mercilessly beaten up on January the 16th. He eventually succumbed to his injures on the 22th of January in the Faridpur Medical College Hospital. On the 28th of January 2010 the leaders of the Jhenaidah chapter of the Bangladesh Dalit Parishad have urged authorities to take urgent action against the assassins of Mr. Robin Das. They have organised a press conference in the hall room of the Jhenaidah Press Club. Mr. Ranjit Das, the acting president of Jhenaidah’s Bangladesh Dalit Parishad, has briefed the press threatening to launch a national movement if the local police within 7 days is unable or unwilling to arrest the culprits. About a thousand dalit people joined a human chain wearing a black badge as a sign of protest and of mourning. Dalit leaders Mr. Biddhut Das, Samol Das, Susanto Das and Amal Das have raised their voice asking why the killers have not as yet been arrested. During the Human Chain dalit leaders have submitted a memorandum to the District Commissioner of Jhenaidah town.