Nondolal Das under treatment in the Dhaka Medical College Hospital

Nondolal Das under treatment in the Dhaka Medical College Hospital

■ Name of Victim:

Nondolal Das (18).
Father: late, Dulal Das.
Village: Jamla Chinatola Dalit community (Rishi Para).
Police Station: Monirampur.
District: Jessore.

■ Names of Perpetrators:

1. Md. Nowsher Ali Sarder (50), Father’s name: late, Sonai Sarder
2. Hafizur Rahman (22), Father’s name: Kachem Sarder
3. Mayna Begum (45) Husband’s name: Nowsher Ali Sarder
4. Sufi Begum (38), Husband’s name: Kasem Sarder
They all come from the same village:
12 No. Shamkur Union
Thana : Monirampur
District: Jessore.

■ Witnesses:

1. Arun Das, Father: late, Dulal Das
2. Sampada Das Thakur Das, Father: Narendranath Das
3. Biswajit Das, Father: Goir Das
4. Purnima Das, Husband: Subhas Das
5. Haridas, Father: late, Upendranath Das
They are all from the same village; Jamla Chinatola Dalit community (Rishi Para)

■ Date of Occurrence: 3rd January 2010, Approximately at 10.30 AM.

■ Place of Occurrence: Near the date-palm garden within Aminpur village.

■ Details:

The Victim is a mentally disable young man.

On the 3rd of January, in the morning Nondolal Das was walking along the road of his own village. The perpetrators on that day allured him from his village with date-juice. They actually wanted to teach him a lesson. In fact the perpetrators had complained that he often took date juice from their date-palm garden.

In this case, the offenders’ group threw some kind of very hot substance on different parts of his body. Nondolal Das started shouting in great pain. At that same time, the witnesses of this happening were going there speedily. They manage to see the offender’s party running away with bottle, sticks, glass. Nondolal’s relative/neighbors eventually rescued him and brought him to a village doctor. At the end of the day the village doctor, Mr. Golam Faruq, suggested to refer him to a general hospital. However, Nondolal’s guardians did not agree to do it because of threats they had already received from local influential parties. When the news reached Parittran’s office, its staff rushed to Monirampur and had Nondolal admitted to the Monirampur Upazilla Govt. Health Complex.

Parittran, a human rights organization, and the Bangladesh Dalit Parishad are investigating this case and are also committed to building up a movement to request a proper trial. Parittran’s Human Rights’ team communicated with all local govt. and non govt. offices. As a result, the local administration, the UNO Dr. Mallik Anware Hossain and the Upazilla Chairman Mr. Swapon Bhattacharje Chad gave a commitment for the treatment of the victim, guaranteeing that the Government will bear the medical, expenditure incurred.

On the other hand, some so called leaders have threatened the dalit community. The local police have also endeavoured to arrest the criminals. Unfortunately, so far only one criminal (Sufi Begum) has been arrested.

Parittran and the Bangladesh Dalit Parishad have shown deep sympathy to the family of Nondolal. People of all classes have denounced the senseless violence against a disable person. Parittran is also giving some financial help and trying to motivate the people to stand beside Nondolal.

The Upazilla health officer told Parittran that the physical condition of Nondolal would require his transferal to Dhaka. The local and national print media have published this piece of sad news timely. Local correspondents continue to follow up the happenings.

The elder brother of the victim, Mr. Bikash Das, has lodged a complain with the local Police station.

Milon Das
Parittran, Executive Director